Question by J@C: How long would the cranberry juice remedy for kidney stone should take?
People have told me and I’ve looked into it on the internet and even books and came to a strong belief that cranberry juice can reduce or even remove kidney stones. I’ve also tried drinking lime juice, but I was wondering how long would this method take?  Those who say that the cranberry juice worked and went to the doctor and said it disappeared, how long did it take?

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It all depends on the size of the kidney stone. If the doctor told you it is small enough to pass on its own, then the best thing to do is drink 1 glass of V8 (the vegetable kind), 1 glass of lemonade, 1 glass of REAL orange juice, and plenty of water each day. The acid in the V8, lemonade, and OJ are strong enough to break up the smaller stones into pieces so they can pass easily. The water helps you urinate more so that the flow can continue to push the pieces down and out. Cranberry juice aids in reducing infection. It is a good cleaner for your kidneys and urethra. But it wont break up stones because it does not have enough acid. But if you have a larger stone, then nothing will really break it up without medication or surgery. I have been there! To prevent new kidney stones from forming, cut way back on soda’s and any beef. Those are the 2 main causes of kidney stones. Be careful, because having kidney stones for to long can cause major kidney damage. If you haven’t seen a doctor, I strongly urge you to. Good Luck!

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