Question by srebhanks4: What is the best way to get rid of cold sores?
I need to know what the best way is to get rid of OR prevent cold sores. I have heard that taking lysine supplements helps, but haven’t really noticed a difference. If ya could, please let me know!

Best answer:

Answer by guitarrista_sean
Get a prescription for Valtrex from your doctor. They’ll give it to you even if you don’t actually have a cold sore. The trick is this: as soon as you feel the tingling and know one is about to come on, take two Valtrex tablets. Then another two tablets about 8 hours later. That’s it. No need to take any more the next day or anything. Also, Abreva (available over the counter as a cream) really does work – it’s expensive ($ 22 or something like that), but apply it as often as possible as soon as you feel the tingling start. If blisters come out, there’s no way to stop it at that point, but Valtrex and Abreva can make it not be such a bad one.

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